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Ready To Fall (A Second Chance Bad Boy Next Door Romance)

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Author: Anne Connor

Genre: Second Chance Romance

Rating: Three Paws

A year ago, the boy next door asked me to marry him. Then he walked away.

**Spoiler Alert/ Mature Content**

Let me first start by saying....six feet or more of tattooed bad boy is definitely my thing. That being said, the description of Travis is in the synopsis, but when it comes to actual descriptions of any of the characters, this books seemed to fall short. While we are given glimpses, nothing really solid takes hold.

Although the book was exactly what it reported to be, it left me wanting. Instead of feeling like I was part of the story, I felt like someone looking in from the outside and not quite getting the full picture. While the cover of the book made me want to fan myself a bit, Travis really didn't. As for Daisy, she caved to easily, while worrying too much about what her father thought.

The fact that her father judged Travis harshly because of the sins of his parents (at least that is what I took from it) just shows him to be as much of a jackass as Travis' father, just in a different way.

I would not say this was a "bad" read. I read it in a few days. I would have liked to see a bit more of the give and take, and tension between Daisy and Travis.

I would say give it a read. I did find it a bit anticlimactic, but it would be a good read for a rainy day.


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