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We at the Feisty Feline are currently accepting new review requests provided they meet the following guidelines.  Please read them carefully.

Review Policy

Currently Accepting Requests

We review primarily YOUNG ADULT titles, however, adult genres will be considered on a case by case basis.  

If your book is part of a series, please make sure we have read the preceding books first.  We will not review series books out of order.  If you would like us to review a book in a series that we have not read, you may be asked to provide the preceding books prior to review.

We NEVER accept payment for a review.  All reviews are our honest and unbiased opinion, and they are just that, an opinion.  If your book receives a negative review, please know that it is not a personal attack on the author.  All hate mail is filed in the litter box.  

Due to the number of requests, we cannot guarantee a time frame on reviews.  However, if you have a specific timeframe or release date you are trying to adhere to, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  Please include that in your pitch.

Genres listed on the "Review Crew" page will be given preference for review.  We read EVERY email that comes in, however, only books chosen for review will receive a response.  

We accept ARC/Galley copies, PDF, and e-ARC copies.  Please be advised that print copies are given preference.  

We gladly accept pitches from Indie and self-published authors!!  Though we do accept Traditionally published authors as well, preference will be given to Indie and Self-published authors. 

While we at the Feisty Feline are at times silly and irreverent, we take reviews VERY seriously.  Our goal is never to undermine or bash authors.  Books that get a rating below three paws, or DNF will not be posted to Amazon or Goodreads.    

If you have read the review policy and feel that our Review Crew is right for you, please click here to be directed to our Submissions page.

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