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  • What genre do you review?
    We primarily review Young Adult Fiction, however we will consider other genres on a case by case basis. To find out more about our prefered genres, vist the Review Crew here.
  • I would like you to review my book. How do I get it to you?
    We would love to consider your book for review. Please read our review policy carefully. If you feel your book meets the guidelines, continue on to our submissions page for more information.
  • I am an author, how do I request an interview?"
    We are so happy you want to be a Cool Cat Author!! To submit a request for an author interview, please fill out the submission form here, and select "author interview". Once received, we will send you a link and password for our Author Interview Questionaire.
  • Do you post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads?
    Yes. We post our reviews on our blog, Amazon and Goodreads. Please keep in mind that reviews less than three paws will not be posted to Amazon and Goodreads, but may still be posted on the Feisty Feline blog.
  • Do you post to social media?
    Yes. Will will post reviews to Twitter and Facebook.
  • I just read an awesome book, do you take recommendations?"
    Absolutely. If you have read a book you think we will enjoy, please let us know. You can submit a recommendation by clicking here.
  • I disagree with one of your reviews. Can I tell you about it?
    We are always open to friendly feedback. Feel free to post in the comments section below the blog review. We do ask that you keep it friendly. We will remove any post that is rude, demeaning or otherwise offensive at our discretion.
  • Does it cost anything to have my book reviewed?
    Absolutely not. We here at the Feisty Feline NEVER accept money for a review. Our reviews are our honest and unbiased opinion.
  • Do you review Indie and Self-published authors?
    We do. In fact, that is our preference. While we do accept requests from traditional publishing houses as well, preference is given to Indie/self-pub authors. For more information, view our Review Policy here.
  • Can I request a specific reviewer?
    Unfortunately, no. You are more than welcome to state your preference, but we cannot guarantee which reviewer will read your book.
  • Do you read every email that you get? Can I expect a reply?
    We read every single email. While we would love to respond to every email, unfortunately it is not feesible. We respond to books we have chosen to review. If you have not heard back from us, we have likely opted not to review your book.
  • What can I expect if you review my book?
    Our reviews are personal and honest. We review books like we are talking to friend. All statements made in our reviews (other than direct quotes) are our OPIONIONS. While our reviews may not always be positive, we guarantee that they are always honest.
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