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Review Crew

I am a high school Junior who loves to read. I review primarily young adult books in most sub-genres.  My favorite authors are John Green, Marissa Meyer, R.H. Sin, and Stephanie Meyer. Preferential treatment will be given to the following in no particular order: Poetry, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Romance and Historical Fiction from the WWII era.  I will not review books in the following: Erotica, Religious or politically based fiction, or any non-fiction.  

Review Crew

I am an author, blogger, wife, mother of two, and Lupus warrior.  I have had an ongoing love affair with books for as long as I can remember.  My favorite authors are J.R. Ward, Sarah J. Maas, and Edgar Allen Poe.  I read YA, NA and Adult books.  Preferential treatment will be given to the following: Fantasy, Dystopian, Mystery, and Romance.  I will not review non-fiction, political, or religious/Christian themed books.  


I am the Chief Sanity Officer and occasional guest reviewer here at the Feisty Feline.  I am a freshman in high school, and the voice of sanity in this crazy family.  Someone has to keep my mother and sister (who think they are very punny) in check after all.  

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