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The Uprising (The Fallen Series Book 2)

Author: Megan D. Harding

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: Three Paws

Uprising is the second book in The Fallen Series. Uprising follows some of the same characters from the previous book, and adds a whole new set of characters to Fall in love with. This story digs deeper into the lives of the angels, and demons. Liam has made his decision and must adjust to the consequences. As things start to settle down he learns that the Fallen are after a secret weapon. That’s when he learns it’s not a ‘what’ but a ‘who’ Ember has lived a normal life so far, but as tragedy strikes reality fades. Now she must find out who she really is, which is proving to be harder than she thought. With more decisions to be made, and more romance stirring. The choice between good and evil is starting to look uncertain. Will Ember Rise from the Ashes?​


This book was exponentially better than the first book, The Fallen. Although some grammatical and syntax errors still remain, the story line and world building was leaps and bounds ahead of the previous book.

While Alana has apparently moved on with Caleb (?), Liam is still a main focus here. After Idris is murdered, he is made First Guardian, even though he chose to relinquish his human side. In my humble opinion, this has made ass. He is like a spoiled child, and any warm feelings I may have had for him have been relinquished to the black nothingness.

Ember is a fantastic character. While self-involved and stubborn, she also sees the world in shades of gray. She does not see Angels as "good" and Demons as "bad". This is something that speaks to the climate of the world today, and judging people based on something other than their individuality.

Atlas is a rock star. I love his character, although I do wish we had a bit more information on how he showed up at Ember's school. I assume it is due to Bastian, but how did they find her? There was mention of a list at some point, but it was never elaborated upon.

This book had something that the previous book lacked; it made me want to read the next one. The story moved along quite well, and it was cohesive in its approach. The characters have evolved, and though new characters were introduced, it tied in well to the first book.

While I may not have recommended the first book as a stand alone, I do recommend reading it so that you can get to the rest of the series.

Overall, The Uprising was a fun read that kept me interested. I would recommend that you read it on a rainy afternoon, curled up on your couch with your cat.


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